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Vehicle Tracker - 9

Vehicle Tracker - 9
Brand: Tracking Systems Solutions
Product Code: Vehicle Tracker 9
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: 0THB
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Compact Fleet Management solution. Includes tracker and software accessible with any computer connected to the internet.

This vehicle tracker is designed for vehicle security and fleet management. Its rugged metal casing and wide range temperature operation are designed to withstand severe environments. It is equipped with 13 configurable I/O cables, which allow fleet administrators to monitor not only the whereabouts but also the status of the vehicles.

Apart from the standard accessories, the manufacturer also designed many optional accessories for EagleVTR183, such as temperature sensors, and hands-free speakers & microphone.

If you are interested in purchasing extra accessories please contact Eagle GPS Tracking Department

1. Car/Truck/Lorry/Motorcycle Tracking
2. Anti theft
3. Vehicle insurance policy
4. Vehicle recovery
5. Emergency report
6. Temperature monitoring
7. Commercial vehicle monitoring
8. Work force monitoring
9. Road side service

1. Latest SiRFstarIII GPS module
2. Programming/updating over air
3. Sleep mode for GPRS cost/power saving
4. Wide range power supply (6-37 Volt)
5. Alarm inputs
6. Immobilizer
7. Panic input/automatic emergency dial-out
8. Speeding report
9. Analog input for temperature/fuel/air pressure monitoring
10. Driver ID checking
11. Hands-free voice communication
12. Back-up battery (4-8 hrs)
13. Door release output
14. Bluetooth for GPS data output (navigation)

Markets Where The Tracker Is Being Successfully Use
1. Security companies
2. Frozen food dispatching
3. Insurance companies
4. Commercial vehicle/fire engine/ambulance/taxi/school bus fleets
5. Construction companies
6. Recycling operations/environmental services
7. Car rental companies
8. Expensive goods dispatching

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