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Absolutely! Any n?vi with a photo viewer, which is the majority of n?vis, will let you customize the start-up screen with a JPEG image. Whether you want to see a photo of your smiling kids or maybe you're a fleet operator that wants to display your company's logo, you can personalize the n?vi with a few easy steps.

This step-by-step tutorial explains the process using the n?vi 205 series, but the steps are similar for most n?vis.





Follow the steps:


  1. From the home screen go to "Tools"

  2. Select "Picture Viewer."

  3. Once in the "Picture Viewer", select the image you want for your start-up screen. The image you select will go from a thumbnail to a large, full screen image.

  4. Select "Info"

  5. Click on the icon on the left tool bar.

  6. Once you do, the screen will offer you the option to "Display at power on?"

The image you've selected will now be displayed when you power on your nuvi.

Based on Garmin Blog